About Us

Phase 1:

In November 2008, with the grace and kindness of our Creator, a group of Muslim concerned residents in the Weltevreden Park area took it upon themselves to establish a prayer facility in the area for the Muslim residents. The existing property was made available to the Islamic Community wherein a Musallah with 5 times Salaah and a Madressah was established. HRW Islamic Institute was then formed on ….
Based on a collection drive following that, with the help of the Almighty and through the generosity of Muslims from various provinces of the country, we purchased the property a year later in December 2009. We make dua that all who assisted and contributed are rewarded in abundance and their efforts in collecting and donating be accepted and be a means of salvation in Aakhirah, Aameen.
To date, the following are highlights or key activities of the project:
• Establishment of 5 times daily Salaah with Qari Yaeesh Ally accepting the appointment as our first Imaam;
• The full time appointment of a Muazzin, Jaafer Folosi and two Imaam’s namely, Moulana Yusuf Kharsany and Moulana Farouk Saloojee
• From our humble beginnings, the Madressah has had to appoint two further Appas with attendance by over 50 children across classes 1 to 8.
• Jumu’ah Salaah was established in January 2014 with attendance reaching approximately 150 people.
• Accommodation for the two Imaam’s and his family.
• Accommodation for the Muazzin and his family.

Phase 2:

The commencement of Jumu’ah Salaah has laid the foundation for the establishment of a Masjid, Almighty willing. Unfortunately, we received negative attention from certain parties within the community which has presented us with numerous challenges, which appear to be inherent whenever Masjids are erected in historically non-Muslim areas. With the kindness of ahe Almighty, we have obtained the guidance and assistance of an experienced town planner and our application for the rezoning of the premises has been lodged and is reaching its final stages so that we may continue to make use of same.
In order to reach phase 3 of the project which is the establishment of a Masjid, the adjacent corner property on the right belonging to City Parks has been leased and a second property next to the Musallah has been purchased, once again by the Khudrat of Allah and with the generous contributions of the Islamic community inside and outside our area. Funds for a third property are now being collected so that parking issues may be reduced, lessening our impact on our neighbours and our rezoning application will have better chances of success. Any contributions in this respect will be greatly appreciated.

Phase 3:

It is our intention, Allah willing, once the zoning has been finalised, to build a Masjid that will stand as a pillar in the community that can benefit not only the Muslim residents but the community at large.

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