June 2018

All praise is due to Allah Ta’aalah who, through His grace and mercy, made our first Eid gaah, in association with the Helderkruin Muslim Community, a resounding success.

We wish to thank our brothers from our community and the Helderkruin community for their heartfelt efforts, despite the cold, in making the Eidgaah as comfortable as possible.

May Allah Ta’ala reward in abundance, everybody who made an effort toward the establishment of this first historic joint Eid gaah and may He make it a means of us gaining his Rahmah and closeness to Him and making it a means of every single brother and his family’s salvation from reckoning in the qabr and aakhirah and ultimate entry into jannah without tasting the fire of jahannam Ameen.

We make dua that this Eidgaah is the first of many and a means of building a connection with Deen and service for Deen for our future generations.

We make dua that it is a means of creating unity and brotherhood amongst our families and communities and the ummah at large and a means of creating love between us all for the sake of Allah.

We make dua for the continued success of all efforts of Deen and the protection of our Deen from any external or internal harm.

We make dua for all our brothers and sisters who do not have the freedom or opportunity to practice their Deen freely and we beseech Allah Ta’ala to remove all difficulties from them. We also make shukr to Allah for the freedoms that He has bestowed upon us and we make dua that we appreciate them by using them for His pleasure.

Lastly we seek the forgiveness from Allah for our shortcomings and acceptance of our humble and defective efforts.

May peace and salutations be upon our beloved Master and Teacher Muhammad (peace be upon be him)


Joint Eid Gah (Helderkruin and Weltevredenpark

Communal iftaar for the learners and parents

Alhamdulillah Our Madrasah hosted a communal iftaar for the learners and parents. Our objective was to teach the learners the wonderful Sunnat of sharing as well as bring some joy and happiness to their parents by making them a suprise eid card.
We designed and worked on the eid card well in advance while keeping it a secret from the Mums and Dads.
On the day (Saturday 9th June) parents started coming in with platters of yummy goods to share. We set them up in the beautiful back Garden while a nasheed played softly in the background. Once everyone settled , Moulana Farouk Saloojee (Principal) addressed the parents, thanked them for their support to the Madrasah and gave a few pertinent advises regarding family ties and communal spirit.

After this, the learners each received a rose and their pre decorated eid card, hugged and thanked their mothers while giving them a rose and hugged and thanked their fathers after handing the the card.
It doesn’t stop there!!
The parents and Lerner’s each got their hands painted at our paint stations and made imprints on the cards to be be forever remembered.

Thereafter the males proceeded to the Musallah while the womenfolk went to the classroom, where they were led in dua by the respective Ustaadhs.
Alhamdulillah the iftaar was a great success and we hope to continue the Madrasah in this light of community spirit,care and love for years to come.

May 2018

Haleem initiative at the Musallah

Alhamdulillah, Allah Taala has blessed us with an amazing community …
This year, the weltevredenpark community decided on a truly remarkable initiative. Uncle Shabeer, a stalwart in our community who hails from a family of cooks, offered to prepare haleem every saturday fpr the month of ramadaan.

The community was notified of the initiative and immediately got together to contribute monies to make the distribution possible, with the first week being 2 degs of haleem.

Alhamdulillah, from the first saturday of Ramadaan, uncle shabeer began the labour of love immediately after fajr salaah to have the haleem ready for distribution after zohr.
Brothers in the area graciously offered assistance and a true spirit of brotherhood began to fill the atmosphere of the musallah.
The turnout was wonderful and the musallah was filled with the airoma of what was certainly a deliciously prepared broth.

As of the 3rd week of the haleem distribution initiative we are now serving 3 degs. Compliments and duas are abound for the cooking team and all members of the community involved.
We make dua that the project continues year after year and Allah Taala makes it a means of uniting our hearts as a community and take us from strength to strength Insha Allah

March 2018

Madrasah Excursion: Rietvlei Zoo Farm

On Saturday 10th March 2018, our madrasah learners were taken for an excursion to Rietvlei Zoo Farm.
We left, reading our travelling duas together and reached the farm just after 9am Alhamdulillah.
The learners were excited and full of energy.

The learners played soccer, had a treasure hunt, fed the animals at the animal farm, went for a tractor ride, got the thrill of going on a mini zip line and after loads of fun, settled down to a hearty lunch.
The parents who accompanied us played a major role in assisting with everything.
We returned to the musallah thereafter, performed zohr and then after a wonderful edu talk on the lessons learnt for the day of team spirit, sharing, kindness to animals, brotherhood and learning not to litter, learners were allowed to leave.

We make dua that Allah make the trip a means of strengthening our bonds of brotherhood and take the madrasah from strength to strength Insha Allah.
A hearty note of gratitude is extended on behalf of the principal, staff and committee to all the parents who made the trip a truely memorable one.

June 2017

Much needed assistance provided to local family 22/06/2017
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

These are the food parcels generously contributed by community members. We also received R3500 in cash which was handed over to the family. They were overwhelmed with the support from the community, and they gave much dua.

The brother became emotional at seeing the grocery items and was deeply moved. The sister explained that the only food they had in their house for the last few months was bought for them by her parents. Her parents are not Muslim, elderly and they barely make ends meet themselves.

May Allah reward each and everyone who participated in this effort. Ameen

Please remember this family in your duas. May Allah remove them from this difficulty that they face and grant the sister’s parents Hidaayat. Ameen

Madrassatus-Saaliheen Maraisburg Orphanage Welfare Project 17/06/2017
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

Community Initiative to assist the caretaker who’s home had burnt down
Location: 404 tennis Road, Weltevredenpark
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

May 2017

Location: Weltevredenpark Musallah
Jazak’Allah to all the brothers who made this possible and an extended vote of appreciation to all the community members for attending.

September 2014

The Musallah embarked on paving initiative. Pictures below are before and during work.

October 2014

Pictures post paving completion. Alhamdulillah!

Inside the Musallah Masha’Allah!
We make shukr to Allah SWT for having blessed us with this facility in order to perform our daily Salaah!

November 2009

A view from outside.