Radio Bilal Information

Alhamdulillah, 5 daily Athaans, Salaah and Jummuah Bayaans to be broadcast and may be heard on Channel 6 of the receivers.

Receivers are available for purchase-
Cost: R850-00 per unit (2018 – new price: the cost from the supplier is R750-00 and the recommended retail price is R850-00. The additional R100-00 goes towards the Musalla Lillah Account. There are no administration or transport costs.)

Order and Payment method: The order together with the cash amount must be arranged and paid in advance, respectively, before the unit will be obtained from the supplier.

NB: We cannot commit to the time within which the unit will be obtained from the supplier as we we are subject to the supplier. We shall endeavour to obtain same within a reasonable time.

Contact: Zayd Coovadia – 084 606 6304