Welfare Projects

June 2017

Much needed assistance provided to local family 22/06/2017
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

These are the food parcels generously contributed by community members. We also received R3500 in cash which was handed over to the family. They were overwhelmed with the support from the community, and they gave much dua.

The brother became emotional at seeing the grocery items and was deeply moved. The sister explained that the only food they had in their house for the last few months was bought for them by her parents. Her parents are not Muslim, elderly and they barely make ends meet themselves.

May Allah reward each and everyone who participated in this effort. Ameen

Please remember this family in your duas. May Allah remove them from this difficulty that they face and grant the sister’s parents Hidaayat. Ameen

Madrassatus-Saaliheen Maraisburg Orphanage Welfare Project 17/06/2017
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

Alhamdulillah with Allah’s help and kindness a total of R16,545 was raised for the orphanage, towards the purchase of a fridge. After purchasing the fridge, the balance of the money was allocated as follows:
– gifts in the form of money for Mufti Abdullah and Appa Sara and the staff.
– Sweetmeats for the children for Eid
– The balance for the Orphanages running expenses.
– Several items were donated too which were handed over.
– Gift bags containing goodies for the children were made from sponsors.

Children, families and some of the community members arrived at the Orphanage at around 11h20. We were greeted with warm smiles and open arms by the children who sang nazms for us in gratitude for the visit and gifts.

And to end the day, Iftaar was generously sponsored to the orphanage anonymously, by a weltevredenpark family

We make shukr to Allah for granting us the ability to assist the Orphanage. These are small efforts that we make purely for the pleasure of Allah and we hope that we can continue this throughout the year Insha’Allah.

Jazak’allah to the students, individuals, families and community members who assisted and contributed towards this initiative. May Allah accept and reward you abundantly for your efforts.

Pictures can be viewed in the gallery by clicking here

Community Initiative to assist the caretaker who’s home had burnt down
Location: 404 tennis Road, Weltevredenpark
Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted with this initiative.

Alhamdulillah with help of Allah SWT, the community was able to band together and provide much needed aid and assistance to the worker whose home burnt down on tennis road. We make shukr to Allah SWT for having provided us the ability to be able to provide for others in need from his boundless ni’mah and barakah and more importantly, we make shukr for whatever we have been provided on a daily basis. Jazak’Allah to everyone who assisted in the contributions (cash and kind) and special thanks to Moulana Farouk for driving this initiative.

Some of the brothers went to the premises on the 05/05/2017 after Zuhr salaah to distribute the goods and cash. The landlords (who are hosting the worker in their home at present),
were brought to tears for the effort that the community had put together and especially so in that we did not know the worker (Colman Tshump) at all. Alhamdulillah this is an exemplary
example which shows the akhlaak of the Muslim community and we hope that these small efforts will have a greater effect in the eyes of the non-muslim community, to show that
Muslims should not be judged based on propaganda but rather through interaction and understanding of who we are.

Below is a message from the landlords towards all of the community:
“Dear Farouk and members of your community. Thank you so much helping Coleman with clothing and kitchen appliances and food as well as the money. He was extremely grateful and so are we. The fire came as a huge shock and we are so grateful and appreciative for the help we have received. We will let you know how the cash will be spent and will play your good deed forward. Regards Huw and Wendy”

The letter of gratitude from the worker as well as images can be seen in the link below.

Welfare Project 10 Ramadaan 1438

Once again, we thank all community members for the generosity and selflessness in this charitable act. To all those who were not able to contribute this time around, we will insha’allah (ameen) be engaging in more welfare based projects going forward so do not despair. All information will be posted on the website as well (www.hrwmsulim.co.za)

When small efforts come from many people simultaneously, the result has a large impact. A community united is a community strengthened!